Monday, April 20, 2015

Here's the cover for my new book

Following up on my last post and considering the opinions, thoughts, and comments of the people who wrote about the three proposed covers, Susan Brier, the graphic designer, and I settled on the Proposed Cover 2, with modifications in the pictures and the type.

While many people liked the Proposed Cover 1 for its simplicity and impact, I rejected it because the illustration had nothing to do with the story. Proposed Cover 3 seemed too cluttered to me, and the pictures clipped to a wire was off because in the novel the pictures are Polaroids. Indeed, one correspondent was so misled, she suggested a darkroom theme for the cover, red background and all.

While I agree entirely with the idea that a cover illustration should evoke or embody the theme of the book, I don't think that's always possible. Here Susan has chosen to illustrate three key elements of Death in a Family Business: the appliance-TV store setting, some incriminating Polaroid photographs, and a Cessna airplane.

Again, I thank everyone who looked at and shared their thoughts about the design.

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