Friday, December 11, 2015

The Best Book Covers of 2015

Matt Dorfman, the art director of The New York Times Book Review, has chosen what he feels are the best covers of 2015.  His brief introduction to the dozen covers makes a couple interesing points: "When considering the book as a whole, I prefer that the interiors contain answers and the covers ask questions. To the extent that my favorite reading experiences empower me to confront uncomfortable truths and honest answers about people, societies and the greater universe, the covers that lure me into the pages often do so by posing questions that I don’t want to ignore."

One of the best covers of 2015

He also notes that today books and their covers are having to compete for attention with everything from Jumbotrons to smart phones to wristwatches. The article reproduces the covers that made him "stop, stare and ask aloud to no one in particular what the cover means, only to turn to the first page and then the following and then the one after that and onward.'

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